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Edible Garden Hummus Pots recipe

Speedy and simple, this is a healthy dip for the whole family to enjoy. Serve yours in a food-safe garden plant pot for a fun and surprising presentation!

Rainbow Party Pancakes recipe

How about a big stack of these awesome multicoloured pancakes for breakfast this weekend? Pick your favorite colors and let's get silly! Enjoy with butter, maple syrup and fresh fruit.

Spooky black pasta worms with tomato sauce recipe

Perfect for a Halloween celebration, this hand-rolled pasta is dyed with squid ink to give it an eerie black colour. Add some googly eyes to your black pasta by cutting circles of feta and making pupils from black olives – spooky but awesome!

Christmas mince pies

These mini mince pies are bursting with traditional festive flavours. Try making these bite-size treats and spread the joy of Christmas – they are the perfect seasonal gift!
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